Verify Solution

Secure . Reliable . User-Friendly


Use Cases

Our solution guarantees high security of data by adding a level of security on registrations, Users’ Accounts, and Transactions:



Stop bots and spammers from accessing your platform or creating bulk account registrations. Authenticate new users by requiring and verifying their phone numbers


Protect your users from account takeovers by setting up Verify solutions via SMS or voice messagingcounts all the time.

Sensitive transaction

Use Verify trigger to authenticate your users’ accounts and ensure the security of your sensitive transactions

Why Use Verify

Verify keeps your clients’ data secure and safe in a user-friendly manner as well as maintains the trust between you and your clients. With its professional features and services, we guarantee that your clients will be always satisfied and willing to increase.

How it Works

Key Features

Enable your clients to receive verification code upon answering as it sends pin code via voice.
Use our Verify software and integrations at no added cost. All you’ll pay for is the SMS or Voice messages you send.
Adjust your authentication messages to display verification code instructions however you see fit.
Verify is flexible solution that enables you to set the length of your codes to include the number of characters you like, attempting times and customize code expiration times.
Enjoy the wide diversity that Verify can reach as it translates both SMS and voice verifications into many languages, allowing for increased global usability by choose the language you like.
Verify offers simple authentication APIs that present stronger authentication with less coding. Developers can configure features according to their needs, including password generation, language templates and more.
Our direct connection to telecom operators guarantees fast and secure delivery to the endpoint as well as the sharing of the monitoring data with our customers.